A Bit About

Started in November, 2011, Malang, ID. Aulia and Zaki (defines as an akward couple LOL) decided to start their business. Fashion industry actually is Aul's passion in. But the idea of this shoes line began from Zaki. He loves boots. Firstly he made shoes for him. But Zaki's shoes looked good with a super cheap price. Then, they started to sell cow leather handmade boots.

Manc actually means a person from Manchester, UK. Honestly, Aul named their line with MANC (pronounce as Meng) because she loves a brand with 4 letters. And Manc is so cool to pronounce, sounds weird, and remindable. In next few days, Aul thought that MANC stands for MAN + Cewek which is Cewek in bahasa means Woman. Yeah it is! Their shoes line is for Man and Woman. MANC original basic boots (their first product) are fit for man or woman.

We are made-to-order line. 100% handmade with extra love in every shoe. We offer a great quality shoes with affordable price. We will help you to choose your best fit, check our customer care contacts. The good one is, we can custom the shoes special for you. Besides customer caring, we also have corporate social responsibility, every IDR 3000 per purchase we will collect then donate it to social foundation.

Don't hesitate, check our latest product, go text customer service for better shoes :)