How To Order

How To Order

SMS (Fast Response - Recommended)
Text us your order to 085791111709

Blackberry Messenger (Fast Response)
Scan barcode below on your Blackberry device.
Go to Blackberry Messenger >> Invite to BBM >> Scan a PIN Barcode

iMessage (Fast Response)
Text your order to from your iPhone, iPod or iPad

E-mail us to and add subject "ORDER"

You can consult with us before make your order, we will help you :)

Cara Pemesanan

SMS (Respon Cepat - Direkomendasikan)
SMS order anda ke nomor 085791111709

Blackberry Messenger (Respon Cepat)
Scan barcode dibawah ini pada Blackberry anda
Pilih menu Blackberry Messenger >> Invite to BBM >> Scan a PIN Barcode

iMessage (Respon Cepat)
Kirim order anda ke lewat iPhone, iPod atau iPad anda

Kirim e-mail ke dengan subjek "ORDER"

Anda juga dapat melakukan konsultasi dengan kami sebelum melakukan pemesanan :)

As simple as 1, 2, 3. Firstly choose your shoes and don't forget to check our feet length chart. Take a look on shoes status, make sure it is Ready to Order or Made to Order (for details check our FAQ). Then click Order Now link on sidebar. You can do it now, fill out the form below.

Type "-" on other order box if you order only 1 type of our product. 
After order check your inbox asap.

Yes! Submit it to our customer care. Wait a reply from us on your inbox, we will send an unique order code, our bank account number and amount of money to be transfered. We use JNE as shipper.
We will proccess your order after payment confirmation is sent. Click our Payment Confirmation link on sidebar, or follow instruction on our replied e-mail.

Our shoes are made-to-order product, it will arrive on your closet within 14 working days after your payment is verified. Our customer care will kindly help you. Click on Contact Us to contact them.