1. Are Manc Shoes from England?
    No, we're 100% Indonesian and use 100% local materials.

2. What is "Product Status"?
    It defines our stock. Ready to Order means these shoes are ready stock and we'll ship it after your                            payment is verified. Made to Order means pre order, we'll produce shoes after receiving an order and ship after it's done. Waitlist means you can queue to order. Out of Stock means our product has reach number of product limit.

3. How long my shoes will arrive at my home?
For ready to order product, it will arrive 2-3 days with regular JNE's service or 1 day with JNE's Yes service.
For made to order product, it will be done about 20-30 working days. And + 2-3 days with with regular JNE's service or 1 day with JNE's Yes service.

4. What materials are Manc Shoes used?
Usually we  use 100% genuine leather (cow leather), faux leather, 100% genuine suede leather, and velvet. We'll inform you about the details and materials in every product. Please check it in "product" page.

5. How is Manc Shoes feet sizing?
Check our sizing chart on bottom :) or text our customer service. You can measure your feet in cm then fill it into our order form.

6. Can I customized my order?
For certain products, it will be able. We will inform you on note in every product.

7. How about my own design shoes order?
Of course you can do it. But we only serve customer from Malang for this one. But, for those who want it badly, it's ok to consult wit us first. But do it with your own risk for customer from outside Malang.